The IDEAS of Leadership

LeadershipJay Franze and Mindy Jo Rigel teach leadership through a framework they call IDEAS: Innovation, Development, Engagement, Action, and Sincerity. This framework provides guidance to become a leader focusing on leadership development in the modern-day.

“Drawing from their podcast conversations and infusing their own knowledge and experiences, Jay and Mindy Jo summarized leadership through a concept they call IDEAS. An acronym, IDEAS, stands for Innovation, Development, Engagement, Action, and Sincerity. The book not only addresses these topics but delves into the challenges modern-day leaders face when it comes to creativity, influence, mentorship, decision making, empathy, and more. There’s even an entire chapter dedicated to social media. This book is packed with information, tips, and activities that will help you develop as a successful and influential leader.”

~ Julie Golob, Wold Champion / Author / Veteran

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