Mindy Jo Rigel

Mindy Jo is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, and the founder of Worry About You Today; she is also a mother, educator, and introspective social butterfly. In addition to her passionate pursuit of education and M.Ed. From Antioch University Midwest, Mindy Jo has over a decade of leadership experience in corporate management at a Fortune 500 company and previously earned her MBA from Franklin University. Her mission is to spread as much positivity to as many people as possible while on this planet. She encourages others to proactively manage their mental health while becoming the best versions of themselves. Connect with Mindy Jo live every Wednesday at 7 pm PT as she co-hosts Franze and Friends.

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Keith Sensing

After leaving the military as a medical lab technician, Keith Sensing spent over a decade working as the Director of SAE Institute’s Nashville campus. He also worked as an Educational Consultant for the Live Production Institute, as the Executive Director of the International Academy of Film and Television, and as an Educational Consultant for a host of other educational facilities.

After his time as a leader in the education industry, Keith has now transitioned into Instructional Design and now works for American Homes for Rent. Keith can also be found every Wednesday at 7 pm PT co-hosting the Franze and Friends podcast.